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same and where they go on work, above all, for the execution of the assemblies. In four years the staff triples, the first big orders about carpentry arrive, in the meantime the production of manufactures of P.R.F.V. is increased in a remarkable way, new the firm must to solve the problem of space.

In 700 square metres covered with the shed, are installed a series of printings for the realization of the manufactures of P.R.F.V., a rolling calander for metal sheet, a series of welding machines and other small equipment, without obtaining any contribution.

From 1977 to 1980 new orders of work engaged the firm with new big customers as Montedison, Cellulosa Calabra of Crotone, Sali Italiani of Cirò Marina, they have supported the increase of the firm for potentiality and labour strength.

We have bought 10.000 square metres of land where rises the new shed of 2.200 square metres furnished of new equipment; the first two 25 tons crane trucks with telescopic jib and 360° slewing turret, to execute works of assembly, both by oneself and for third parties; and more over bridge cranes, calender, presses shears, lathes, etc, and everything is necessary for the realization of complete heat exchangers, a built-up beams of carpentry, pipes of big diameter etc.

Today the firm, changed in a limited partnership, with about 22.000square metres surface, motor vehicles, equipment, highly skilled workers, it relies on a production skill equal to about 235.000 hours working to effect work shifts to satisfy every requirement of order.

The GRAZIANI FRANCESCO and Company beyond to the covered sheds used for production, has a further shed of approximately 1200 mq. for sand-blasting paint job.

In the last 10 years the company has specialized in prefabrication and erection of plants or parts of plants for Energy production.


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